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Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabbarakatuh,  Good morning audience,  I am ….. today,   I’ ll tell you a famous story,  and the title is the legend of MALIN KUNDANG

 I’ m sure most of you know about it. But I’ll make the story more interesting for you. Are you ready? All right,listen to my story..

Long time a go, in a small village near the beach in west Sumatra. Lived a woman and her son. They were Malin Kundang and his mother. Malin’s mother were a single parents due to Malin’s father had passed away since Malin was a child. Malin had to lived hard with his mother.

Malin Kundang was a handsome, diligent and strong boy. He always helped his mother to earn money by fishing.

Audience, although they worked hard but they still poor.

One day, Malin met his mother and asked her to allow him to find a job in a big city. Malin said ” Mom, I wanna go to a big city to find a better job.  So we’ll have a better lif

e, please allow me mom.”

His mother answered sadly, ” Please don’t leave me alone son, you are my only son, I love you so much.”

Malin replied ” But I have to go now mom, I promise I’ll come back for you.” Malin was eager to change their life. Finnaly, with a hard feeling her mother said ” All right son, I allow you to go but you must pay your promise .” Malin’s answered happily, ” All right mom, I’ ll back and make you happy someday.”

In the early morning Malin’s went to a big city by a ship.

Happy audience do you know what happen the next? Well, I ‘ ll continue

My story, In a big city Malin worked in a big ship.  He was a good looking and diligent  boy so many women felt in love with him including the daughter of the richest merchant. Fortunately, Malin also felt in love with her. In order to married the girl Malin work harder and harder  until  he got success and married the girl.

Happy audience don’ t always have negative thinking about Malin. Actually as a human beings he also has positive thing he is diligent and never give up to get success. it’s proved, wasn’t it? ( Little smile REMEMBER THAT)

But how was his mother?

She was getting old and sad. She always came to a shore every morning waiting for His son while singing ( sing a song ) people around her took pity when looking at Malin’ s mother. When there was a ship came  she always came through and asked about her son. ” Hi, Do you see Malin? My handsome son? Where,s Malin? “

The captain off the ship answered, ” No mom, there s no one name Malin, sorry.”

Malin’s mother was upset and went to her house. It happened again and again.

Well, happy audience we back to Malin, How was he ? Years passed

Malin became a rich merchant and had a beautiful wife but he forgot his promise to his mother.

One morning, Malin’s wife asked him to go vacation. So Malin prepared his big luxurious ship and everything to sail.

However , in the middle of his voyage a big storm blocaded their ship, therefore the ship had to board in the closest island. You know audience it was the island where Malin was born.

Many people came to see a big luxurious ship including malin’s mother. They saw Malin in that ship, they cried” Malin comes, Malin comes.”  Malin’s mother heard that. She shocked and wept happily. She rans to meet Malin. She cried, ” Is that you Malin? Is that you my beloved son? Yhanks God you go home Malin.I’m your mother,  do you remember me?” Malin ‘s wife shocked and said, ” Son? She says that you’re her Son, is that true Malin?”

Malin became ashamed to admit his mother. He answered arrogantly ” Mother, My dear I don’t know this poor old woman.” Then Malin cried to his mother ” Hi, you poor woman get out of my ship!” Audience, Malin’s mother begged sadly, ” Malin my Son,  don’t you remember your promise? Why are you so cruel? I’am your mother?” Malin answered loudly  ” No, you’re not my mother,  my mother was death.” The old woman was really hurt, she got out of the ship while crying and kneeled on the ground ” Oh my God, you know what happen to me, please, Do what do you want to do.”

Audience do you know what happen the next?

Well, I’ll continue my story.

Suddenly the wind blew hard, the sky was getting dark and the storm destroyed Malin’s ship. Malin’s cried loudly ” Mother..mother..please help me, forgive me please, mother.” But it was too late, she cursed into a stone.

Now you can see the stone in West Sumatra.


Well, happy audience, Do you know what we can learn from the story

  1. Keep spirit and never give up to get success
  2. Pay your promise if you have promise to someone.
  3. Love and respect your parents especially your mother. Make her happy and never hurt her.

Thanks for your attention have a nice day I’am….

Wassalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabbarakatuh

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2 Des 2020


2 Des 2020



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